We use licensed demolition experts. Bonded and insured, for your protection, for demolition of buildings, kitchens, and bathrooms. Inside drywall teardown or demolishing properties down to the foundation, our licensed insured and bonded contractors will quickly and easily dispose of anything in your way. you point we will carefully and quickly rip it down and dispose of it. Our Las Vegas demolition companies in Las Vegas specalize in building demolition projects large and small and will remove JUNK OF ALL KINDS from basements, attics, garages, storefronts, warehouses, office buildings, apartments, condos, high rises, construction sites, vacant land and much more. With our unique service we can remove a lifetime's worth of clutter from your home or business in just a few hours or less.  Business and commercial buildings are a specialty for us also. When you hire CLEAN OUT HOMES you can be assured that we will do a professional job. 

All of your unwanted junk will be RECYCLED if at all possible. Landfill space is filling up fast in Nevada so reselling and donating household goods is a major benefit to the environment. Reselling household goods at flea markets also benefits the poor and disadvantaged since we sell everything for pennies on the dollar. We will also renovate your home to your specific needs. Taking a home or office from trashed out to move in ready, while being environmentally minded, is our speciality.
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